The idea of the application

The ARconk app has been created for your pleasure. It is very easy to use and suitable for most current smartphones. Based on ARcore, you can invite the object of your desire into your room and watch it from the point of view you choose. In the application you will find 37 scenes with Nicole – glamorous scenes and scenes of masturbation. Nicole, most of the time follows you with her eyes – she wants you to devote all her attention to her.

In very soon you will be able to see Nicole also on iphone. After Nicole we will also offer other actresses you’ve seen in VR movies – it will change to see them right next to you in your room and almost feel at your fingertips. We are waiting for you to come back from the experience and we invite you to talk to us about the things you want to improve and that best fit your specific needs.

1. Our application is currently available on Android. Owners of the iPhone will also be able to use it soon.

The installation should not cause any problem

  • Download the application on smartphone.
  • Go to Settings and then Security
  • Activate unknown sources
  • Search the APK on your phone (using a file explorer for example)
  • Start the APK file and follow the instructions
  • (Optional, but recommended) Disable unknown sources

2. You will find the app icon on your screen

3. When you start the application for the first time you have to wait a little for loading.

4. Direct the phone’s camera to the floor and wait for the phone grid appears.

The surface once recognized, you can place the girl there.

5. Click on the button and chose the girl,

6. Click twice on the grid.

  • You can move the girl by clicking in another place on the grid.
  • You can adjust the girl’s scale and turn it with your finger.
  • If you do not want the grid to be visible you can turn it off.
  • You can also hide the entire menu with the UI button.
  • Choose the animation – animation starts, you can stop it or restart with a click of the finger on the screen.
  • With your phone you can approach the girl and look at her from all sides.

7. The application allows to see the girl on your AR headset, holokit and Arizon and also on the VR helmet with the front camera open.

After choosing the animation and make basic settings, click on the button to choose the headset.

8. Choose the headset you use.

Put your phone in the headset.

9. With the floating menu you have access to certain features. You choose the buttons with a small red dot visible in the middle of the screen, that you move with the movement of the head.

You can return to the visualization on the screen without the helmet by clicking on the button “AR”


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