How Augmented Reality is Changing the World of Adult Entertainment Now

Who hasn’t seen augmented reality in sci-fi movies and TV series? In Iron Man and Iron Man 2, this technology is used to get real-time info from the battle field, and very probably it will be soon used by real soldiers with the same purpose. Robocop’s helmet too, which allowed him to see things others couldn’t, was powered by augmented reality (AR).

But how does exactly Augmented Reality Work?
Think about Pokemon Go. In the game, you see the little monster in the space around you through the camera of your mobile device or tablet. The lovers of adult entertainment, instead, will be very happy to know that the same can happen for AR porn models. Once you focus on a suitable place with the camera of your smartphone, a grid will appear, so you will be able to make the star of your choice appear just there.

Once you’ve placed the model where you want in your surrounding space, you can resize the image in proportion to the real objects around you. You will see her image become bigger as you walk closer to her, like if you were physically approaching her, and by walking around her, you can see her naked body from all the sides.

With AR devices you can have an even more immersive experience. Devices like Microsoft HoloLens, Google Glass, Epson Moverio BT-300, Vuzix Blade and other AR glasses allow you to see a model directly in your living room or bedroom, not through your smartphone’s screen. This makes for the ultimate intimate experience with your favourite pornstars.

What’s the current downside? The devices can be very expensive (we’re talking about hundreds of dollars), and many of them are available only to professionals at the moment.
In the future, with the release of cheaper augmented reality glasses, fans of porn will be able to enjoy the ultimate real-life experience. It will be like having a perfect model in our house, always ready to please us as we want.

We suspect that, once the users will get used to such a lifelike and immersive porn experience, they won’t want to go back to 2D porn again. Right now for fans seeking the very best experience, as early adopters of this new erotic tech, is the signature site that you should be enjoying because it is the most advanced porn ever filmed and you can watch it right now before the masses even discover it exists!

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