Augmented reality ARconk app

Demo for android smartphones is available for download
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Our AR application

Our application will mix the 3-D video with the 3-D sexy model of the same girl. In the 3-D video, we see the girl sitting in an armchair, like the VR video, except that everything is happening in front of us in our living room. The actress is sitting in front of us as if she was really there—we can move her head and move in closer to see her better. If we go into “Model 3-D” mode, we will be able to see our “guest” from all possible points of view and even ask her to pose or dance for us.

Our application
Take a picture with your favourite hologirl

This may impress your friends, but do not send this photo to your girlfriend…

Our application
Sexy coach

With a sexy coach, it will be more fun to learn yoga positions or do simple physical exercises—anyway, nothing prevents us from just watching our sexy coach leaving the physical effort for later…

Our application
For us future was yesterday
How to watch

The application can be used in AD version on the screen of the smartphone or tablet, or in 3-D version on an AR headset like Holokit, with a total immersion into the world of augmented reality.

Our application
AR headset

Holokit, the precursor to the low-cost AR headset market, manufactures a helmet based on the old cardboard headsets. It will soon have greater competition from more comfortable wearing solutions, and also prices that will become more and more affordable. We are working on the adaptation of our application on all types of AR headphones and smartphones.

Bluetooth Mini Controller

Bluetooth remote control is essential if we use an AR headset—it allows us to choose a position in the menu and place our hologram in space without removing the smartphone from the AR headset.


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